Robert Braxton

With over 20 years experience in the IT financial and retail sectors in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA Robert continues to provide Professional Services from his home base in Melbourne, Australia to Startup Companies, Blackhawk Network a subsidary of Safeway Inc (US Based), American Express, Visa USA, Visa International, JCB and Diversinet who developed the digital certificate for RIM and the test harnesses for 3Dsecure, used by Visa, MasterCard,JCB Online Merchant sites.

After spending 3.5 years in California, in 2007 Robert relocated to Melbourne, Australia and created UNICS (UniConsultingServices) Australia Pty Ltd. Under UNICS Robert has been and still is an integral contributor to the Blackhawk Network team, providing Project Management and Consulting services to and for Blackhawk Network. 

Projects Include, The Launch of the Blackhawk Network 3 party gift card program in 2007, further launches into Australia Post, 711, JB Hi Fi, Coles Supermarkets, Target Australia, Kmart Australia just to name few. 

In 2005 Robert become a independent Consultant based in the California San Francisco Bay area, during this time Robert provide Program Management Services for American Express, program managing Express Pay on Blue Production System, Project Management for Blackhawk Network and consultative Services for local Bay Area Startup companies.

Robert joined Caradas in 2004 moving from Northern Virginia USA where he and his family resided for 3.5 years to California, as a Snr Consultant, Program and Project Manager, during this time Robert has been a integral team member at Blackhawk Network, Visa USA, Visa International and J P Morgan Chase, Visa International and JCB.


Projects include, Visa USA's Contactless Solution with the 1st Issuer being J P Morgan Chase, Visa Internationals and JCB's 3-D Secure Protocol Testing Harness for Verified By Visa and J-Secure products, Management of American Express's Express Pay On Blue Contactless Solution.


Prior to joining Caradas Robert joined Catuity in 1995 as one of the original development and implementation team members. During his time at Catuity, Robert was involved with a number of large projects, such as Transcard (the first multi-application contactless smart card system), where Robert was responsible for the testing of the complete system which was implementation in Sydney, Australia.


Robert spent 4 years as QA Manager for Catuity prior to transferring to the US to become Customer Support Manager.


Robert successfully implemented the Catuity’s Loyalty and Gift Card systems for small to large clients in New Zealand, Canada and the USA and was a key member of the implementation and support team for Catuity’s largest clients – Visa USA, Target, Providian, Fleet Bank, Bank of America, Electronic Merchant Systems.


Prior to joining Catuity Robert was employed by Citibank Australia for 6 years where he gained experience in retail banking and electronic transaction delivery systems through his involvement in the following innovative projects: Credit Scoring, Photo card, Rewards, International CitiCard and the Integrated Retail Banking System.


Prior to Citibank, Robert was employed by Coles Myer, Australia’s largest Retail Company for 6 years. 


Robert lives in Melbourne, Australia with is wife and five children.